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Medal Of Honor Airborne ENGLISH LANGUAGE PATCH [March-2022]




little frost classic?There are a number of proposals in the prior art to use supersonic spray streams to provide atomized fog or mist that is sprayed to cool a surface. U.S. Pat. No. 4,845,863 by Pulsifer describes a system for producing fog which utilizes a pressurized fluid stream and a nozzle having three separate flow passages connected to a common, relatively small orifice. The pressurized fluid stream includes water and comprises two high-pressure streams which combine to create the supersonic jet. The high-pressure streams are said to be fed into the common nozzle orifice. The temperature of the combined stream is controlled by means of a water outlet whose temperature is measured, and a separate temperature sensing element is used to control an electric heater which raises the temperature of the water in the water outlet. The combined stream is fed into an atomizer from which it is sprayed onto a surface. A second electric heater is used to control the temperature of the combined stream in the atomizer. The water outlet is temperature controlled to provide a spray stream at a temperature suitable for misting or atomization. U.S. Pat. No. 5,653,201 by Eash teaches a low cost fog producing nozzle assembly which includes a housing which is adapted to be removably attached to the carburetor of a two cycle engine. A single pressurized fluid stream is provided by a high pressure hydraulic pump. The stream is divided into first and second streams prior to being mixed with the first stream and then combined with the first stream to form the high pressure water-fuel mixture for the engine. U.S. Pat. No. 5,482,270 by Williams et al. describes an apparatus for atomizing water with a power generator. The apparatus includes a water reservoir having an electric heater and a gas burner which supplies a hot flame to heat the water. Water is forced through a Venturi-shaped orifice in the form of a cone. The heated water is then mixed with air and the resultant air/water mixture is ejected by means of a conventional pump. U.S. Pat. No. 5,479,741 by Rand et al. describes a method and apparatus for generating atomized air and liquid for the introduction into an air stream which is used for cooling a hot surface. A pressurized liquid is provided by a liquid pump which delivers the liquid from a tank. The pressurized liquid is mixed with air and delivered to a Venturi device which




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Medal Of Honor Airborne ENGLISH LANGUAGE PATCH [March-2022]

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