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Train Simulator: DB BR 261 'Voith Gravita' Loco Add-On Download For Pc Ocean Of Games




The DB BR 261 is a German electric locomotive developed by. of the DB AG in Munich, Germany, and entered service in February 1977. . The company, DB AG, has now completed an extensive modification and upgrade program for the locomotive.  . The locomotive is based on the then new type of traction electric locomotive under development by the DB . Versions The locomotive was developed in the mid-1970s as part of the "New ICE" project.  . The locomotive had a short, 20-year life and was heavily damaged in accidents.  . The DB 261 had a very advanced system of electrical traction control.  . Engine The locomotive had a three-phase AC transmission system with each traction motor running a full-phase current for each phase of the alternating current.  . Two types of traction motors were used.  . The front motors were situated in the 'heads' of the locomotive and the two motors in each of the two head ends were electronically controlled in pairs by the traction electronics.  . In addition, each driving axle also had a brake control.  . There were three bogies per locomotive, with two traction motors per bogie and with two bogies for each driving axle.  . The locomotive was given to Western Region Gauleiter Karl-Heinz Möller for his role in the, West Germany's largest industrial site. . In service The locomotive entered service with the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) in February 1977.  . An accident in May 1978 caused the locomotive's power supply and radio to fail.  . Taken out of service in May 1982 and sent for overhaul in July 1982,  . The Deutsche Bahn electrified the line using the 25 kV 50 Hz system in August 1980. . The locomotive's life was shortened by another accident in October 1983, and finally scrapped in October 1985.  . Accidents See also History of rail transport in Germany Notes References Category:Deutsche Bundesbahn locomotives Category:Bo′Bo′ locomotives Category:3 ft 6 in gauge locomotives




Train Simulator: DB BR 261 'Voith Gravita' Loco Add-On Download For Pc Ocean Of Games

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